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 Future Products

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Disposable Near Field Needle Electrode Pairs

These needles were developed for a very simple reason. The electric fields generated by EMG take the form of a quadrupole. Quadrupole electric fields, like dipole electric fields attenuate exponentially with distance from the generator (in this instance the distance from the recording needle to the EMG source generator in the muscle). But there is a very important difference between the quadrupole and the dipole. The dipole attenuates by the square of the distance. The quadrupole attenuates by the cube (power of 3) of the distance. Those EMG signals attenuate very quickly. Further, what is preferentially lost? - the higher frequencies!

The scientific literature has well documented the need to reach those generators. When you have fluffy patients, don’t miss EMG because of distance and adipose tissue. Typically, these longer needles yield more polyphasic, robust EMG than will shorter subdermal needles.


  • insulated needles with 6mm (0.25”) exposed tips

  • all needles have ultra-sharp conical tips

  • 30ᵒ or 90ᵒ angle options

  • ability to set your own inter-needle distance

  • pre-wired with 1.5 or 2.5 meter twisted pair leadwire

Please contact us for more details or to purchase.

SNS Disposable Urethral Catheter Electrode

This electrode was born while Lee Rea MD (who started Neurovision Medical), Matteo Mistretta (who manages Spes Medica) and I were sitting together in Italy. We did not know at the time how robust the striated mass of the external urinary sphincter would be as a recording endpoint. To see how well the electrode records TcMEP and triggered EMG has been fun to witness and the gentleness of the electrode itself has been well received by OR staff. Exciting stuff! -Brett


  • designed to monitor the external urinary sphincter

  • cleared for recording and stimulation

  • designed for male and female patients

  • consistently low balanced impedances

  • pre-wired 2 meter twisted pair leadwire

  • gold recording/stimulating electrode contacts

  • mounted on 100% silicone foley - packaged sterile

  • available in 18Fr, 16Fr, 14Fr, 12Fr, 10Fr, and 8Fr catheter sizes

  • fits standard urimeter bags

Please contact us for more details or to purchase.