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Signal Gear designs, manufactures and sells neurodiagnostic accessories

To meet our own standards, that requires:

  • first and foremost listening to you!

  • studying the electromagnetics, electrochemistry and mechanics of the electrode touching tissue

  • staying abreast of scientific literature and industry innovations

  • attending engineering, materials and technology conferences aplenty

  • constantly improving our labs and automation

We promise to strive to reach these goals every day.

Brett Netherton, President

Thank You!

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I’ve so much to be thankful for

The neurodiagnostic world has been very good to me and I’m thankful for many things. But a few include:

  • Those smart folks out there in our field who take time to chat, brainstorm, and otherwise spend hours talking with me about the coolness that is neuroscience and what we do in neurodiagnostics.

  • The societies who do so much for our field and give companies like mine the chance to be a part of it all. I am still amazed that ASNM and ASET have seen fit to give me fellowship status. I’m stunned and grateful.

  • The wonderful people who have worked for my various companies over the years. You have taught me so much.

I look forward to the future adventures. Please stay in touch. We always like to hear from you.